With B.S.E Publishing we have established our own publishing company. Administered by one of the worlds leading music publishers, Universal Music Publishing Group, we are able to offer a perfect combination to our artists:

- the power of a world-wide acting publishing trust ensures correct settlements in all territories where the artists sound units are produced or the authors music is performed in public.

- the short patterns of communication and decision of an independent company which is directly linked to the artist as well as to what is happening in the music scene.


Our goal is to enable the artist taking the final step into a professional evaluation of his music. Therefore we offer our entire knowledge and experience, our contacts with suitable producers and if needed financial support for the production of demo-tapes and showcases. Needless to say that we support our artists in the live sector and help out in questions concerning organisation as soon as the first preparative steps are done.

In B.S.E. Publishing we depend upon the professionalism and originality of our artists, yet the most important thing is and always will be an exceptionally well song-writing!